Thursday, October 18, 2007

Test 2

Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gamez for frames

Went for the FICCI frames event at Powai, thought I would give a round up at the end of the days events. Took some pix, now I know that e4m, afaqs and roughly half the world has covered it, but here is my two pence.

The event started with the regulatory framework seminar.

That dreaded 'convergence' word is still around, it has been resurrected from the ancient bones of 'multi-media', repurposed now that they have a few devices which communicate with each other and is being brandished with a vengance.

Also, noone can do without an iPod picture in their presentation.

India has 12,000 cinema screens nationwide
Broadcasting to go digital (TRAI to give recommendations)
Digital theatres for rural sectors
Govt doesnt want to to impose technologies such as CAS anymore
FM doesn't have buyers and...
They are issuing licenses for community radio. Rs 20k and you can be guerilla

Besides the community radio part, everything is on Indian standard time. Dont expect India to go digital anytime soon, because although everyone loves inviting Ofcom and other regulatory bodies, noone bothers to impose deadlines. Trust the government to make recommendations by 2012, everbody needs recharge time after a glorious wank.

Thats Kunal Das Gupta, CEO SET India. Cracks some good jokes him.

Next up I attended the Session on Gaming.

The problem with these events is that they line up big names and a dumb audience. The dialogue is heavily nerfed and only cursory remarks are passed. It's more introductory than an address of any serious questions. Miracously everyone in the audience develops accents. My cock is bigger than yours and I shall prove it.
"What is the future of game advertising?"
"You mean in game advertising"
"What is that"
"explanatory session"
"how can I track impressions"
"i am going next door, farhan akthar's banging them bitches"

On a limb I went for the Scripting in Animation session. I passed a little urine when I saw the writer of Doom 3 (game) on stage. Caught up with him after the session, quite chatty although he was surrounded by a barrage of cards. He said the same thing about Carmack as mentioned in M0D, the guy makes buzzing sounds in between sentences. He is writing the script for id’s next game as well. Its not going to be a First Person Shooter, will have RPG elements, built in a massive world, based on an all new engine, and most probably made for the 360. I told him that Nine Inch Nails would have gone well with the game, id had a massive fallout with them…but that’s old news, they won’t be working ever again he says.

The session on User Generated content was phun. The dude from said "If people don't get paid/recognition to share, why should they...I give them that, I pwn YTube"
I asked him that if people did not want to share if they are not getting paid/recognition, what about Wikipedia. Didn't answer. Scrizer 1: n00b 0

Right, this was fucking boring. Next time, I am going for lunch and dinner wonly.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Is it cause I is black?

The Iranians are pissed off because they believe 300 is an Holly-Americo conspiracy aimed at the Persian empire, dutifully windowed to release during their new year. Apparently it's having an edifying effect in the country, us vs them's are always so very exciting. That said, the comic does take liberties in translating story to mythology. The flick uses all horrid symbolism to create the divide.

"Persians...come and get 'em!! Arrrghhhh...cowardss...grrRRrRR."

Did anyone notice the Goat rocking the bass guitar? Ah am no expert, but the goat is an 'essence of evil' sign, a condensation of deeevilllnesss, in most monotheistic cultures, the bible belt must have surely been repulsed. That, complemented by the debauchery, 10,000 ninja mortals with feaces faces, Persians that are predominantly black or West Indian, everyone who is dick ugly doesn't carry a shield and He-Men are all y0 kewl with six packs and strategically placed scars that epitomize machismo, makes for a cracking blockbuster. And the end...o the glorious end, Jesus Leonida the First Christ welcoming the arrows.

As for the extended Rorschach 300 trailer buzz, here is a nice mash up

Snyder made sure the page to celluloid transition pwned. Hope he doesn't hack Watchmen up or there will be a thousand pissed off blue Martians coming out of their comic closets.

Friday, March 16, 2007


This User Generated Content thingy works! As part of my own work place experiments in the interim period between actually doing tangible work, I have first hand noticed the awesome enormous power of what I thought was essentially hyped AAA crap, limited to only few zealot users and a cart full of freeloaders.

But before that, I got b0ingb0ing'd for the second time.

One reader goes on to thread out the entire segment, pointing out to discrepancies in IBN's rationale, full pwnage, do read.

And if you like hakfbaked Uf0l0gy including stories of aliens mending b/w tv sets, here is some more

Hello World